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Calvin Tillman - Together we bargain, divided we beg.


After serving 8 years as a local elected official, it is vitally clear that we must hold our elected officials accountable. ~Calvin Tillman

The Platform

United By A Common Goal of Protecting Private Property for Texans

Calvin Tillman believes that you should be able to own and peacefully enjoy private property, and neither the government or private industry should be able to take that right away. 

Let's End Public Corruption

Calvin Tillman believes that a politician or public official's loyalty should be with their constituents, not their donors.  Most of our elected officials are too political and forget who they work for and it's time to remind them.  We need to hold our elected officials accountable for their actions or inaction.  We can't win this fight without your help. Get involved and hold your officials accountable.  We also need to stop the rampant eminent domain abuse. Follow us onTwitter @mayortillman and find us on Facebook.  

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